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Traditional Usui Reiki with Anne and Paul

Reiki is a life practice and effective healing therapy,
 founded in Japan in the 1920's.  
'Reiki'translates as 'Universal Energy' or 'life force'
Through Reiki practice we may come home to ourselves, 
experiencing deep peace and well being...


There is a dance of energy within and around our bodies, flowing through and connecting all living things at all times. A Reiki practitioner is trained to be the 'hollow reed' through which the life force may flow.

In practice, receiving a Reiki treatment is an opportunity to open to the boundless life force of the universe. Our bodies are miracles of regeneration, if only we can allow the energy to flow! 
The Reiki recipient usually experiences deep levels of peaceful relaxation during a treatment, which may afterwards lead to a feeling of rejuvenation.

A series of treatments can be helpful in:

- stress related disorders
- anxiety, trauma
- recovering from crisis
- exhaustion
- pregnancy and birthing
- support healing major illness


Anne practices from her Treatment Room in Ynyslas, Borth.
Paul combines Reiki with Hypnotherapy and counselling. He practices in Aberystwyth and Machynlleth as well as Ynyslas.

Paul's website

Home visits also possible*

guided relaxation
and Reiki with Anne
Home Visit
Ynyslas £35 


*Home visit price includes travel up to 10 miles from Borth , beyond which a surcharge of 50p per mile is applicable. 

Anne giving a Reiki Treatment
The Healing Room, Ynyslas

Anne is fully qualified as a practitioner and teacher of Reiki. 

Please contact Anne to: 
  • Enquire about Courses
  • Book a Reiki Treatment 


Studying Reiki involves:

  • cultivating mindfulness
  • awakening to energy
  • practicing self healing
  • receiving spiritual 'empowerments'
  • giving healing treatments to others


Reiki Okuden (Second Degree)

Reiki Principles


Just for today

I am free from anger

I am free from worry

I am humble

I am honest in my work

I am compassionate 

towards myself and all beings


 Phone: 01970 871471 or 07772500124

Visit Paul's Hypnotherapy page