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Earth Ki

Earth Ki
Acrylic on Canvas, 2013/14
180 x 180cm

'Earth Ki' is a celebration of and meditation upon the verdant growth and energy of the land, which invokes a grounded, focused energy relating to the physical body.

I chose the geometry of four/eight for earthy stability, the celandine for her shining presence, arriving early in the year to herald the awakening and renewal of life, the miracle of resurgence after winter's sleep. I also worked consciously with the Reiki mantra 'Cho-ku-rei'.

Included in the design are species of moss and lichen, and detritivores who dwell close to the ground, in the constant cycle of death, composting and renewal of life. 

 Heavenly Ki

Heavenly Ki
Acrylic on Canvas, 2013
180 x 180cm

 This mandala is a meditation upon the heavens; of spacious sky above us and our connection with the cosmos.

It connects us with the energy of the higher Chakras and an awareness of the clarity extending beyond the clouds surrounding our everyday outlook. 

It is a prayer for healing on an emotional and spiritual level, created using the geometry of seven, and the Reiki mantra 'sei-hei ki'.

The result is a mandala that holds a sense of calm, protected healing space.

It occurred to me whilst stargazing, that the stars are always there, even when it's daylight and we can no longer see them. Similarly, we always have access to unlimited universal energy if we but pause to absorb it, or ask for help or guidance. Thus, the creation of this mandala has been a wonderfully meditative time of opening to that connection, for which I am deeply grateful, and which I offer to you, with Love.

Ocean Kelp  

 Beneath the Waves
Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
150 x 150cm

This mandala was created to honour the Waters of Life. It is an invitation to explore the mystery of the deep, beneath the surface motion of waves. To dwell within a place of light penetrating darkness. To be at ease, moving freely through this 'otherworld'; a briney, kelpy place of seals and anemones.
How does it feel to be in or out of 'one's element' and comfort zone? Can we trust the flow of life to take us where we are meant to be, even when the landscape is unfamiliar?
The geometry of thirteen was chosen for it's association with the moon (13 lunar cycles per year). Just as the highest tides correlate with full and new moons, our bodies and minds also feel the lunar pull. We are constantly being guided in this way, by unseen forces. 

With this mandala I invite you to fearlessly align with the flow of life's Mystery, integrating fully with the changeless essence of your being. 



A Portal of Possibility
Acrylic on Canvas, 2012
270 x 180cm

This painting is a prayer for the Birthing of new life, new consciousness, new possibilities. 

Triangles and hexagons interact to expand the seed, flower and fruit of life pattern, corresponding to the geometry of snowdrops and the in-utero baby. 

The baby is connected to the cosmos, absorbing and channeling energy from all around, bringing it through to the earth plane as he makes his soul journey of incarnation, through the sacred Vesica Piscis, The Portal of Possibility. 

The Vesica Piscis (almond shape) is symbolic of both the Yoni of the Mother, and a metaphorical doorway through which to travel from one dimension to another.

The doorway can be a metaphor for us all, as we move through changing times of consciousness, anchoring our dreams of ‘the best that life can be’, rising to the challenges of how to hold this opening, how to step through it, how then to begin to move gracefully within a new template.