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Workshops and Courses 2017

Calendar 2017
August 26th, 27th and 28th
10am to 4pm each day

Open Studio as part of Ceredigion Art trail

Come and visit me! Exhibition, prints and cards for sale, tea and vegan treats


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Pentagonal and Spiral Mandala Painting
A two part course, Sept 6th  and Oct 6th

Spirals are found everywhere in nature; from snail shells, plant growth and whirlpools to hurricanes, the orbit of planets and unfolding spiral galaxies.


Venue: Denmark Farm conservation centre, nr Lampeter, mid Wales.


Taught over two days:

Day 1 - Pentagonal geometry (open to All, including beginners)

Day 2 - Expanding a Golden Spiral from a pentagon (open to those who have attended day one, or, have attended another introductory mandala painting workshop with me.)


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Mandala Painting Inspired by Natural geometry

September 16th, 10am to 4.30pm-

Venue: The Iona School, Nottingham

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-------------------------------------------------------November 11th and 12th 2017
Geometry in Nature - Mandala Painting

Venue: The Centre for Alternative Energy (CAT), Machynlleth, Wales

A chance to go deeper with the practice of Mandala, on this two day course, finding inspiration from the intrinsic geometry of plants, in a beautiful setting.
Residential options, with free entrance to a Sound Bath event onsite in the evening!

Cost £80 including materials
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'And I saw the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight...' 

-Black Elk

An introduction to the artistic and spiritual practice of mandala painting
This workshop is an opportunity to study and practice the art of mandala painting. The day will include guided meditation, an introduction to sacred geometry, discovering geometry in nature, mandalas in different cultures, as well as practical drawing and painting. The aim is for students to paint their own unique mandala design.
A mandala can be perfectly simple or elaborately complex in colour and construction, sometimes incorporating symbols and sacred geometry. Whether simple or complex, the creation of a mandala can be a deeply satisfying process, providing a way to work artistically that can help us feel more centred and connected with ourselves and within the world around us. Mandala therapy!

Suitable for ages 14 upwards.
Beginners welcome, all materials provided - though I encourage you to bring your own tools (compass, ruler, brushes) if you have them.


'Come forth in to the light of things, let nature be your guide' 
- Wordsworth

Mandala Painting – A Path Toward Wholeness

I have been making mandalas for most of my adult life, in one form or another; but my fascination with creating them geometrically sprang from studying Geometry in Nature while home educating my children.

My eyes were opened to the incredible precision of mandala-like patterns in natural forms; the ‘fiveness’ of a flower echoed within the geometry of its fruit; the golden spiral of a snail being identical in geometry to a spiral galaxy or an unfurling fern. Within nature we see reflected divine beauty; an inherent order to things which may seem lacking in the turbulence of daily life.

Snail detail from 'Earth Ki' mandala

We can consider the creation of a mandala as both an artistic and a spiritual practice, because it involves a prayerful kind of attention observing and working in this way. It’s also a therapeutic practice, because creating a mandala can really help you feel more balanced and centred in yourself.

‘zentangle’ colouring books are popular at the moment; advertised as a form of ‘artistic meditation’ for a similar reason - to follow the intricacies of a pattern requires mindfulness, patience and quiet time.

Creating your own mandala design allows you to follow your own lines and patterns, to produce a painting that holds an intention or symbolism that is meaningful to you. In this way it can become a personal shield or a focus for meditation. It can reflect a time of year or an elemental quality. Maybe it represents a healing process or a dream you’ve had…

‘ the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the centre, to individuation.’

- Carl Jung