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  Shining Edge is home to projects by Anne Thomas

Anne lives with her husband, Paul, in beautiful Mid Wales, UK, at the shining edge where land meets sea. 

Inspired by the natural world, the elements; cycles of changing seasons, of sun, moon and tides; patterns and rhythms that touch our lives in subtle and profound ways, woven through and with, the dancing energy of life. She seeks to connect more deeply with the gift of this Life, through her relationship with the land, her family and other beings, supported by shamanic practice, Yoga, Sacred Art, Vibrational Healing, Sacred Song, Meditation and Mindfulness. 

'As we arrive more profoundly within an awareness of ourselves, through practice, so the world unfolds to us with greater depth of vision. It is a profound home-coming, an answering to the call of our innate being, who is always so grateful to be noticed and sat with in humble contemplation'

Anne is both Mother and Grandmother. She and Paul home educated their four children,  seeing the nurturing of the children's individual gifts as of great importance in this life. 

'The seeds of today bear the fruit tomorrow. As the ancestors of our children's children, it is our responsibility to take the path of parenting very seriously'.


Her artwork reflects something of the deep primal connection with 'The Source' that witnessing new life always brings. Knowing Love, being part of the driving fertility of Planet Earth; the miracle of existence, the vivid colour and vitality; yet also a sense of stillness and belonging found within it all.

Her healing practice is grounded by an earthy energy connection, weaving Reiki with guided visualisation, voice and sound.


'How do we find our centre when all around the world is changing? Where will we find shelter when the winds of life blow hardest? It is in the highest and best interests of us all to develop inner calm and self awareness, so we may live our lives with grace and in beauty; with strength of heart and clarity of mind and spirit' 

Currently Anne is working on paintings; mandalas and wall hangings. Her work also translates three dimensionaly into clay and larger outdoor installations. She teaches workshops and courses exploring sacred art and the nature of Mandalas. Her Mandala Gallery exhibits at events and festivals.

Anne has a studio and a healing room at her home, in Ynyslas. She practices and teaches Reiki and guided meditation locally and at Eco Retreats Wales. A strong advocate of the healing potential of sound, and the power of prayerful singing,  Anne also holds sacred song circles in her area.