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Grandmother Goddess

Ceramic sculpture, 2020

Dimensions: 28cm diameter x 39cm height

Handbuilt using terracotta clay, decorated with white slip clay and coloured oxides.

This sculpture is like a little temple, dedicated to the archetypal wisdom of The Grandmother.

She has been lovingly carved to let light in or out, with an intricate mandala patterning the back. The geometry of the mandala is 13, to represent the thirteen lunar cycles of a year.

She can be lit up inside with candlelight, be an altar place for offerings of incense, flowers, water etc.

This is a unique one-off piece of sculpture.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor settings. Cover (or better still bring inside) during hard frosts.

PLEASE NOTE: This sculpture is for sale via Goddess Temple Gifts, based in Glastonbury UK. Please CLICK HERE to go to the relevant webpage.

'Grandmother' Terracotta Ceramic Sculpture

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