Holding Space

Ceramic sculpture

Height: 35cm, Diameter: 29cm

Hand built using crank clay, decorated inside with fired amber glass, and outside with carved geometric patterning.


'Holding Space' is a goddess who will help hold your sacred space most beautifully. She quietly sits, with space inside for a candle (seperate octagonal candle holder included). The floor of her inner cave is decorated with fired amber glass, to create a magical gleaming crystalline effect.

The patterning is based on the flower of life, echoing the inter-connection of all life, and also providing an interesting effect when the candle is lit within, by casting enchanting patterns onto the walls around her.

This is an original, one off piece of sculpture.

Designed for indoor or outdoor settings, she'll be happiest in temperatures above freezing - so protection from frost is definately recommended.

Holding Space

SKU: Goddess L1