Light As Air

Ceramic sculpture, 45cm tall, 32cm diameter. 

Handbuilt from a robust, textured clay; decorated with coloured slips and oxides. 


A warrioress Being, whose mantle of protection keeps the inner light burning steady, despite the winds of Life blowing around and through.

Invoking a calm presence of reverence and humility to the challenges we face, while utilising her full capability to stand strong and resilient.


The glazed inner bowl fits into a decorated stand, or can be place directly on the ground.

Designed to receive offerings of water, incense, food, found or sacred objects.


Smoke from Incense burned within her temple-like chamber escapes via the carved patterning of her robe. Enchanting to watch!


She is a centrepiece for an altar, or an altar entirely unto herself.


Variations on this design can be custom made to your specification. Please get in touch. 


Light as Air