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Watercolour on paper, 2010

Unique custom made frame, made in beautiful oiled oak, by Max Jenkins ( Merlins Craft)


Size including frame: 48.5cm x 48.5cm


Price includes careful packaging and UK delivery by courier, to be arranged at your convenience. For overseas shipping, please enquire.


About the Painting


'Into the evening, dusky illumination opens veils between worlds; Unraveling death and reintegration; visioning something new'


A mandala for the Celtic festival of Samhain, nowadays known as halloween. At this time of transitional threshold between Autumn and Winter, we release the things we no longer need, and set a positive intent for the darker months of dreaming coming in. It's a time to remember our ancestors, those loved ones who stand behind us on the road of life; giving thanks for their lives and all that we have recieved through their being. 

Oak and Birch form a pentagonal pattern around the central fly agaric fungi, which grows among the roots of Birch in a mutually symbiotic way.

'Samhain' Original Framed Painting

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