Anne Thomas


Anne Thomas is an artist and teacher based near Aberystwyth, Wales.

She creates mandala paintings in watercolour and acrylic, and sculpted ceramic objects, inspired by geometry in nature.

Her artwork expresses a deep spiritual connection with the life-force of Mother Earth: honoring the miracle of existence, the vivid colour, vitality and continual regeneration. She often includes species of wildlife native to the UK in her designs, celebrating the lives of these precious beings, calling us to notice, respect and learn from them.


Her fascination with the inter-connections of Life has lead her to study and practice Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Sacred Geometry, Shamanic Dreaming, conscious parenting and wildlife-friendly gardening. All of these practices profoundly inform her art.


Being a mother of four and grandmother of two children also plays a strong part! 


'How do we find our centre when all around the world is changing? Where will we find shelter when the winds of life blow hardest? It is in the highest and best interests of us all to develop inner calm and self awareness, so we may live our lives with grace and in beauty; with strength of heart and clarity of mind and spirit' 


Anne has a studio and a healing room at her home. She teaches courses exploring Sacred Geometry and the Nature of Mandalas. Her Mandala Gallery exhibits at events and festivals. She practices and teaches Reiki and Meditation locally. A strong advocate of the power of prayer, particularly prayerful singing,  she holds sacred song circles in her area.