Anne Thomas


Anne Thomas is an artist and teacher based near Aberystwyth, Wales.

She creates ceramic sculpture and mandala paintings in watercolour and acrylic.

Her artwork expresses a deep connection with the beauty and miracle of Life; a profound, joyful appreciation of the wild  - the vivid colour, vitality, variety and fabulous fertility - the magic of renewal, regeneration, restoration. 

The work is created mindfully, as an offering of beauty and also as a practical resource for contemplative practice.

Sacred geometry plays a significant part in the process of designing and creating her artworks, both philosophically and physically.

Plants and animals native to the UK appear often in her designs, celebrating the lives of our indigenous companions; bringing attention to the inter-relationships and complex balance of the world we so often take for granted.


Anne's fascination with the natural world began as a child growing up in rural suffolk, in an environmentally and spiritually aware family. Her Father, artist Malcolm Ryan , encouraged artistic expression and philosophical discussion; while her Mother, Maureen, inspired a fascination with nature, the delights of gardening and a deep reverance for life.  


Education & Self Development


Anne's education has been ecclectic. She studied English, Art and Biology at A-level, then began degree courses in environmental science, English and Inter-Arts at Bretton Hall college in west Yorkshire (now YSP). A desire to combat environmental destruction and animal abuse motivated her studies and took her briefly into activism and community arts as a way to change things.

Becoming pregnant with her first child in 1989 moved her perspective to an immediate consideration of what it means to be guardian of sacred life and prompted her move to rural west Wales in 1990 with partner Paul.

Learning how to live Well became central to their Life together. Her quest to embrace natural healthcare for pregnancy and childcare lead to the home-study of aromatherapy, herbalism, macrobiotics, crystal healing. Gardening with permaculture principles, and resuming a vegan diet also played a part.   


Home educating seemed the best holistic path in the absence of any forward-thinking educational centres in the area. With four kids by 1998, this took up a lot of time and energy, leaving little time for personal creative practice. Practical crafting, making small drawings and occasionally painting, with lots of creative journalling sustained Anne through those early years.

Mandala making gradually became a wonderful tool for self reflection, arising from teaching mathematics via the study of geometry in nature. 

As the children grew older, Anne took courses in Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing and Yoga.

Developing a daily yoga self-practice strengthened her in body and mind, helping provide the inner focus required to begin teaching Reiki, meditation and later Mandala painting. 

In more recent years she has been studying Ayurveda and Shamanic Dreaming .


'How do we find our centre when all around the world is changing? Where will we find shelter when the winds of life blow hardest? It is in the highest and best interests of us all to develop inner calm and self awareness, so we can orientate within the great wheel of life. To live our lives with grace and in beauty; with strength of heart and clarity of mind and spirit, to become the best that we can be".

Anne has a studio and a healing room at her home. She has exhibited her artwork in England and Wales, teaches courses exploring the art of mandala, sacred geometry, energy awareness and mindfulness.

She practices and teaches Reiki locally.

A strong advocate of the power of prayer, particularly prayerful singing, she holds sacred song circles in her area.

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