Medicine Shield

  • A personal medicine shield, created according to your needs and alignment at this time.

  • Weaving symbolic colours, shapes, your medicine name or  spirit guides into a design that reflects a sense of wholeness and holds power for you.

Please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Album Art

I really love creating artwork to compliment music. It's always a fascinating process!

  • An initial consultation to discuss your vision 

  • I listen to the music as I work on your design. The essence and resonance of the sound plays a part in the visual expression... 

  • Layout of text and track listing are factored into the design.

Please use the Contact form to get in touch.

Terracotta Water Goddess.jpg

Ceramic Sculpture

Anne's ceramic Goddess sculptures have a powerfully benevolent presence, to help transform the environment in which they are placed into a sacred space.

  • Designed according to your vision or needs.

  • Site specific work a speciality, tuning into the energy of the land, finding the right prayer.


An initial consultation to discuss your vision will begin the process of dreaming in your sacred art.

Please use the Contact form to get in touch.

A Custom Designed Mandala

  • An amazing gift for a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion.

  • A personal design reflecting your energy or practice at this time

  • A sigil for your holistic therapy room.

  • Painted in watercolour on paper, or acrylic onto fabric or board. 


The Process

Anne will arrange a consultation with you, to discuss your ideas, needs, intention and to consider the timeframe for the work to be completed.

Then, she will begin the creative process to dream in a unique design for you. There is plenty of opportunity for feedback from you throughout the process.

Cost and Time taken to create will depend upon the complexity and size of the design. 

Prices start at £95.

Please contact Anne to discuss your ideas.