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A Portal of Possibility

This painting is a prayer for the birthing of new life, new consciousness, new possibilities. 

Triangles and hexagons interact to expand the seed, flower and fruit of life pattern, corresponding to the geometry of snowdrops and the in-utero baby. 

The baby is connected to the cosmos, absorbing and channeling energy from all around, bringing it through to the earth plane as he/she makes the soul journey of incarnation, through the sacred Vesica Piscis, The Portal of Possibility. 

The Vesica Piscis (almond shape) is symbolic of both the Yoni of the Mother, and a metaphorical doorway through which to travel from one dimension to another.

The doorway can be a metaphor for us all, as we move through changing times of consciousness, anchoring our dreams of ‘the best that life can be’, rising to the challenges of how to hold this opening, how to step through it, how then to begin to move gracefully within a new template


Earlier sketches for this painting include 'Snowdrops' and 'New Life' (below) 

An Opening Place

This painting is another exploration of hexagonal geometry.

Feeling curiosity towards the mystery of life, that interweaves everything into the patterns of our day by day, moment by moment reality. How wonderful it is when we notice synchronicity, feel gratitude for intuition, surrender to the will of the divine and feel held with gentleness.

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