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Drawing Geometry

Drawing geometry is the framework and infrastructure of the creative mandala painting courses I teach, taking us on a journey of discovery both intellectually and experientially. Over the past six years of teaching this subject, I have gathered a lot of experience and reference material. The format of the classes evolves constantly, with a growing collection of handouts and geometry guides created for my students.

This page offers some pointers to help you get started on a sacred mandala art practice at home, including downloadable PDF files of some of the course material.

  • Tools and Materials These are your sacred instruments, treated with respect and gratitude. To check what you need, have a look at my resources page HERE

  • A Quiet Place to Be Find a place where you can practice undisturbed for an hour or so. A desk or table is ideal for your posture, in a quiet space, with natural light  or a desk lamp with a daylight bulb in it. If you don't have a desk, then a drawing board is the next best thing; it also gives you flexibility for working outside. Your drawing board doesn't have to be anything fancy - a piece of hardboard or thick cardboard. When I had four children at home under the age of ten, my practice area was often my bed, with a hardback book as a drawing board! 

  • Enter Sacred Space Once you have your work area and drawing things sorted, take a few minutes to gather yourself! By this I mean sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, allowing things to settle. Please don't be tempted to skip this bit if you're pushed for time - as even 1 minute will really make a difference to your ability to concentrate and focus clearly on drawing. 


So now you're ready to begin drawing....

The Geometry Guides

Below are downloadable PDF files of some of the drawing and info guides created for my workshops. Bear with me, it's taking a while to get these updated and online...more to follow soon!  If there is a shape you particularly want to work with and it's not here get in touch as I might be able to email something.

These guides are free, but if you'd like to support my work, please use the donate button below to send a small contribution. Or you could visit my shop!

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