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Wedding Tree
Terracotta, height 60cm 

I designed and built this Wedding Tree sculpture as a delightful celebratory centrepiece for an outdoor wedding ceremony. 

It is all hand built from terracotta clay.

The concept originated from Mexican wedding tree candelabra sculptures, and evolved into this unique design.

Two figures linking hands make up the 'trunk' of the tree, representing the sacred feminine and masculine aspects, whose combined energies and shared Love lift up and support a bowl, which forms the branches and canopy of a tree.

The tree is the Tree of Life.

Little ceramic birds (long tailed tits in this design) are attached via small willow sticks around the trunk and also within the flowers of the bowl.

The bowl is glazed inside and is made separately from the base trunk, for ease of transportation as well as cleaning. It can be filled with flowers (or a potted plant) to expand the sense of a tree's branches and foliage.    

The hollow interior of the trunk can house a small bowl for buring incense or a candle.

My intention with this sculpture was for it to be both ceremonial and beautiful on the day of the wedding, and a lovely shrine space in the home (or garden) afterwards. 

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