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Ceramic Shrine Sculptures

Made to Order

The images you see below show some of the many different ceramic shrines I have made for people over the past few years. They are mostly made to order. The shrine I make for you can be inspired by any of them, but will not be identical, as each sculpture has a life of it's own, which evolves in the making process.

The Purpose

My intention with the shrines is to create a focussed place of sacred space within a home, garden, therapy room or ceremonial gathering place, in which to light a candle, burn incense or place an offering of some kind. 

The shrine is self contained, yet also sits well as a centrepiece for a larger altar.

The form

I hand build and carve each sculpture from either a honey coloured or terracotta textured clay, that withstands temperature changes, making it ideal for garden settings as well as indoors, and to comfortably hold candles or the heat of charcoal burned incenses.

A carved cloak forms the chamber of the shrine and carries a geometric design, which allows both the light of day in, and, when lit from within by a candle, the radiance of candlelight out.

The floor of the temple-like interior is glazed with recycled glass, which has a crystalline glittering quality after firing.


Each Goddess-being embodies unique qualities, but they are all designed to hold a kind of inner sanctuary, containing an offering bowl with a little stand. The bowl is water and heat proof and therefore versatile as a vessel for a tealight, charcoal disc for burning incense, water in which to float a flower, a place to honour special stones or other sacred things.

I mostly make shrines to order, so there is scope for customising the design as follows: 



The geometry of the cloak

Choice of blue or green glass for the interior floor

The bowl glaze colour/ design


Further Customisation

Customers are often happy to trust my intuitive process regarding the design.

However, I am happy to embrace extra details you may envisage for your shrine, such as animals, birds, plants or for the goddess to represent a specific deity.

This is something we can discuss, and may require additional cost, depending on how long it takes to make.



Kneeling goddess shrine - £350

Standing goddess shrine - £550 to £700

Prices cover materials, making, two kiln firings and delivery by courier.

Additonal extras charged only as quoted.



Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for making and delivery.

I use UPS courier and carefully package the sculpture to avoid damage in transit. 

Offering Goddess Shrine (Made to order)

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