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Wild Roses

Wild Roses watercolour, 2020 Celebrating the Wild Roses of the British Isles.... From top right: Rosa Arvensis (with ‘Robin’s Pincushion’ gall), R. Canina, R.Rubiginosa, R. Rugosa (non native but grows wild), R. Pimpinelliflora With Rose loving insects: Hummingbird hawk moth, Gall wasp (Diplolepis Rosae), Honey bee, Hover fly, Red tailed bumble bee, Cinnabar moth, Flower beetle. And Rabbit and Wren.

Dreaming Into Stillness

Dreaming Into Stillness Watercolour 2019 An introspective mandala, with hibernating hedgehog, held within a nest of oak, beech, hazel and willow leaves. Robin, Goldcrest and Herb Robert are sentinels protecting the space!

A Symphony of Spring

'A Symphony of Spring' watercolour, 2019 Unfurling with song-sweet delight Into fragrant, heart-filled optimism. More about this painting on the 'New Work' page...


'Emerging' Watercolour on paper, 2018 Dragonfly medicine mandala

Spiral of Life

Spiral of Life Acrylic on Canvas, 2018 ‘ What a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love’ - Marcus Aurelius This painting is a celebration of the mystery, magic and regenerative nature of Life. Pentagonal growth and the golden spiral offer a mesmerising expression of the interplay of elements within the Oneness of existence.

Beneath the Waves

Beneath the Waves Acrylic on canvas, 2016, 150 x 150cm An invitation to dive deep below the surface, to explore the mystery of the waters of life. Can we trust the flow of life to take us where we are meant to be, even when the landscape is unfamiliar?


Affirmation watercolour on paper, 2014/15 Within the still-point of dreaming time, in the pause between breaths, we hold a precious seed, of light returning; a promise of life, proven only by time.

Earth Ki

Earth Ki Acrylic on fabric, 2013 180x180 cm A celebration of and meditation upon the verdant growth and energy of the land. An expression of the Reiki mantra 'cho-ku-rei', which invokes a grounded healing energy relating to the physical body.


May Watercolour on paper, 2007 The flowering of the year; fertile and fragrant promise, rampant growth, boundless energy, from deep within the Earth.


Midsummer Watercolour on paper, 2007 Awake to life and alive to all that may be. Open flowers of possibility in tender radiance.

Cletwr Community Mandala

Cletwr Mandala 120 x 120cm Acrylic on plywood, 2016 This mandala was created communally, as a mural to be sited outside a community-run shop and cafe flourishing on the site of a former service station in west Wales. To view the film ' The Birth of a Mandala' click on the image and follow the link.

Celandines and Violets

Celandines and Violets Watercolour on paper, 2009 With perfect precision, familiar faces emerge, as small anchors of certainty; shining constellations to orientate by.

Heavenly Ki

Heavenly Ki Acrylic on fabric, 180 x 180cm, 2013 This Mandala is a prayer for healing on an emotional and spiritual level, created using the geometry of seven, and the Reiki mantra 'sei-hei ki'. It holds a sense of gentle protected healing space


Snowdrops Watercolour on paper, 2010 Wide eyed we rise, from dark depths of hibernation, remembering the truth of who we are

The Gift of the Grain

The Gift of the Grain Watercolour on paper, 2015 Giving thanks for all we have sown, nurtured and grown. Fed by sun and rain: this golden grain.


Full Moon Watercolour on paper, 2009 Moonlight within darkness; watchful Introspection, dreamtime illumination; night prowls.


Samhain Watercolour on paper, 2010 Into the evening, dusky illumination opens veils between worlds; Unraveling death and reintegration; visioning something new.

Calendula and Borage

Calendula and Borage Watercolour, 2017


Ocean Watercolour on paper, 2012 Hidden depth, rising; guiding light, shining; Secret frequency is moving me on and on and on...

Spiralling Fire

Spiralling Fire Watercolour on paper, 2008 Swirling change, witnessed by fire. Absorbed and transformed,in Ceremony.


Air Watercolour on paper, 2011 A waiting seed cannot know When or where the wind may blow Until an impulse to let go Rises gently with the flow


Earth Matrix Watercolour on paper, 2010 Melt in the mud of acceptance, feed the fertile seed of forgiveness, Heed the trusting heart of the Grandmother, be at one with the dirt and be Earth!