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Dreaming Into Stillness 2 bal med.jpg

Dreaming into stillness
Watercolour on paper 2019

An introspective mandala, begun in the swirl of autumn, gathering inwards to settle at the heart of Midwinter.


The geometry is nine, a triple triad of throughness; describing the completion of a creative cycle. A place of endings and beginnings.


Drawing us into the centre of this nine pointed pattern, is an animal both familiar and mysterious - the Hedgehog. 


My family's approach to gardening is very wildlife friendly. It's amazing how species-rich a small plot can become over a few years! My studio is at the bottom of the garden, so the coming and going of various creatures catches my eye, and sometimes they find their way into a painting. I'm so delighted by and grateful for their presence, it feels an absolute honour to cross paths in this way. And the calling is clear to do our best to help them to thrive.


Hedgehog reminds us that it's good to slow down and rest deeply in the dark months; find nourishment in quiet moments, and peace within the heart of life's mystery. If we surrender to the dream of this time, we'll emerge refreshed and ready for the next cycle to begin in spring.


Goldcrest is present (top left) representing the small miracles in life. I was lucky enough to come in close contact with one while working on this painting, rescuing one that had bizarrely become trapped in my local village shop. It was smaller than a hen's egg in my palm! The goldcrest is our smallest bird, visiting the UK in autumn and winter. A complete wonder of miniature beauty.


And Robin is there, as robin is always there!   


Hopefully you may find quiet moments to appreciate the magic of this resting time, surrendering to the call of the earth

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