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Watercolour on paper, 2018

Emerging web.jpg

An Emperor dragonfly rests at the heart of this mandala, poised within the radiance of a refracted light-filled geometric flowering.

What a joy it is to catch a fleeting glimpse of such irredescent beauty, momentarily, before he or she darts away into the late summer air!

Dragonflies are incredible aviators, yet begin their life at the bottom of a pond, in a totally different form, as a nymph. In fact, they spend more time in the green-brown nymph form than they do as air-born wonders. Descended from ancestors who flew over 300 million years ago, they've had a very long time to perfect a way of living and being which includes ease in air, water and earth.

So, what Sacred Medicine might we receive from crossing paths with the Dragonfly?

Something perhaps of their pre-historic legacy, ancestral wisdom.

Their efficiency, perfected design of energy, elemental adaptability. 

A shape-shifting transformative nature. 

Finely-honed hunting skills, sharply focussed flight.

Trust in the the unfolding of one's destiny (who'd have thought that ugly nymph would one day emerge as an irredescent beauty!)

In painting this design, I tuned into the vulnerability of the moment of emergence; as new wings dry and tender skin settles into a new form. It seems a profound metaphor for our own species, at this pivotal time in human history. A leap of Faith. To trust that we will rise to the challenge: change our ways, adapt to a new template of relationship with the web of Life.

And if we follow our instincts, to trust that we will do the right things, moment by moment, step by step; sowing healthy seeds for  our great, great grandchildren.

The geometry of 32 forms a balanced, stable environment in which this emergence may safely take place. A design of energy for Thriving Life, for ourselves, our families and For All our Relations.

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Emerging original painting by Anne Thomas

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