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Earth Ki

Earth Ki

180cm x 180cm

Acrylic on canvas, 2013

‘Earth Ki' is a celebration of and meditation upon the verdant growth and energy of the land, created as an expression of the Reiki mantra 'cho-ku-rei', which  invokes a grounded focussed energy relating to the physical body.

I chose the geometry of four/eight for earthy stability, the celandine for her shining presence, arriving early in the year to herald the awakening and renewal of life, the miracle of resurgence after winter's sleep.

Various shades of green depict the tones of the landscape, here in west Wales, UK which is an area of high rainfall, due to the mountains and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. We are lucky to have areas of temperate rainforest close by.

Included in the design are oakmoss lichen, clubmoss, woodlouse, garden snail, hedge snail and leaf beetle. Detrivorous creatures who dwell close to the ground, helping with the composting cycle of life. 

The original painting is for sale, price on application. It's 180cm square, painted with acrylics onto unstretched cotton canvas, which has been sewn onto a black backing fabric. I used a UV active white to add to the luminosity. So, under a UV light, it really glows!

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