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An Introduction to

Ancient Wisdom for Health and Resilience

Day Workshop with Anne Thomas

Saturday 23rd March 2024
10.00am - 16.00pm

Contribution: £30
(£20 low income/ £15 concession)

- Including Ayurvedic lunch - 

The Iron Room, Eglwysfach, SY20 8SY

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old truly holistic health system comprising diet, yoga, massage, detoxification, herbal remedies, meditation and daily lifestyle. It gives us amazing agency to choose wisely in our daily lives, to improve the well being of body, mind and spirit.

This one day workshop provides an introduction to Ayurveda and its basic principles, along with some simple, practical strategies for improving the quality of your health.

 We will cover:

  • The Doshas (constitutional types) - Getting to know your true nature and why that matters.

  • Rituals and rhythms through the changing seasons

  • Gut health, diet and kindling the digestive fire

  • Undoing stress, maintaining balance

  • Strengthening immunity 

  • Rest and rejuvenation

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