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A Symphony of Spring


Original framed watercolour painting on paper, 2019

Size (including beech wood frame) 74cm x74cm

Price includes careful packaging and UK delivery by courier

For overseas shipping, please enquire.


About the Painting


Unfurling with song-sweet delight

Into fragrant heartfelt optimism

The miraculous regeneration that occurs every spring never ceases to astound and enchant me. As the season unfolds, each succeeding leaf and flower opening is a cause for celebration - and an affectionate reunion with dear friends.  

Perhaps my all time favorite combination of wildflowers, blooming together in late April to early May, is that of Bluebells, Red Campion and Greater Stichwort, especially alongside the unfurling spiralling  bracken fronds.

This year, a pair of blackbirds nested right outside my studio door, so their comings and goings have also woven into this mandala, along with Wren and a gorgeous grandmother frog who frequented the tiny pond in our polytunnel, leaving a legacy of tadpoles.

I've been increasingly alarmed by the decline in insect numbers and species over the past ten years, most worryingly the bees, and most noticeably (perhaps because of their size and beauty) the butterflies. Imagine the emptiness of a world without these fairy-like wonders flitting around! An orange tip delighted my eyes just as I sat pondering the top left hand area of this painting. Each tiny thing, intrinsic to the whole.

Beneath the plants and animals of this painting, is an infrastructure of hexagonal geometry known as the 'Flower of Life'. This patterning is ancient, arising from nature to describe nature - including ourselves -  as an interdependant, inter-connected whole. It's message is simple:

The closer we get to experiencing wholeness, the greater our chances of thriving in Life. 

'A Symphony of Spring' Original Framed Watercolour Painting

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