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Curlew Wall Plaque


Handmade ceramic plaque

Size 24cm (width) x 22.5cm (height)

Suitable for indoor or outdoor display (if protected from frost)


The plaque has two holes, disguised by ceramic beads, for hanging purposes.

Indoor hanging: Wire attached at the back can be hung on an ordinary picture hook

Outdoor hanging: brass screws directly through the holes will give a secure fixing.


Curlews  are the largest of European waders. They have a very distinctive burbling cry, which echoes across the estuary as they come to land in the field behind my studio, in winter. I love the elegant curved beak.

They are now on the amber list of endangered species here in the UK, so behind this artistic representation is a prayer for the protection and regeneration of the habitats they live in; estuary and moorland.

Curlew Wall Plaque

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery
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