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Ocean Shrine Goddess


Handbuilt ceramic sculpture, created in a robust honey coloured clay.  Height 40cm, diameter at base 28cm


I live by the sea where the forces of wind, water and wild weather as well as the ebb and flow of tides are keenly felt. The raw power of these elemental forces inspired the energy of this Goddess Shrine.


The design was partly inspired by a visit to the Hebridean island of Iona, a place of beauty and connection to the vastness and mystery of the ocean ; a sense of ease in tuning in to the rhythms life, of listening.

The monastery on Iona began the tradition of carved celtic patterned crosses, and is said to be where the book of Kells was made. 


The ornate spiral patterning carved into her cloak, is influenced by those Celtic Pictish designs, which echo the swirling movement of the elements, especially water. The patterning allows light both in and out of the shrine space.


Suggestions of kelp and barnacles adorn the headress. 

Her crown is removable, to let smoke out if you decide to burn incense inside the shrine. 


The base of the shrine is separate from the main body of the Goddess, for ease of transportation and cleaning. It is a bowl in it's own right, decorated with recycled blue glass, melted into a magical crystalline pool after firing in the kiln.


A ceramic stand is included within the shrine, upon which to place a candle,  a bowl or small lantern.


Suitable for indoor or outdoor settings. Protect from frost.

Ocean Shrine Goddess

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