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Ocean Shrine Wall Plaque


Handbuilt ceramic sculpture

Height 36cm, width 26cm, depth 12cm

Designed to be wall mounted, but equally happy free-standing.

Created from a robust, honey coloured clay suited to indoor or outdoor use (protected from frost).


This little alcove of sacred space is a beautiful shrine in which to place small treasures you have collected, or to burn a candle or incense as part of your daily practice.


The 'floor' of the shrine is glazed with recycled blue glass, which melts in the kiln to form a beautiful crystalline pool effect.


The shrine includes a seperate/removable offering bowl with stand. 


This design was partly inspired by a visit to the Hebridean island of Iona, a place of beauty and connection to the vastness and mystery of the ocean ; a sense of ease in tuning in to the rhythms life, of listening.

The monastery on Iona began the tradition of carved celtic patterned crosses, and is said to be where the book of Kells was made. The ornate spiral patterning carved into the cloak of this goddess, is influenced by those Celtic Pictish designs, which echo the swirling movement of the elements, especially water. The patterning allows light both in and out of the shrine space.

Ocean Shrine Wall Plaque

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