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Offering Bowl with Stand


Size: Bowl diameter 12.5cm

Total height of bowl and stand together 14.5cm


An elegant two piece design, hand built using a robust clay, which can withstand the heat from a charcoal disc or tealight. The ceramic bowl may be used alone or fitted into the ceramic stand. Likewise, the stand functions as a candlestick independantly of the bowl.


The inside of the bowl has a cream glaze with blue and yellow patterning to echo the stand. A one-off item; every offering bowl and stand I make is unique.


Together, the bowl and stand make a beautiful place to:

* Make offerings of incense or sage .

* Light a candle

* Fill with sacred water and/or flowers.

* Place food offerings 


A charcoal disc may be safely placed into the dish. To avoid discolouration of the glaze I recommend placing a small amount of sand or earth into the bowl first.


Please get in touch if you would like to commission an offering bowl of specific dimensions/decoration.

Offering Bowl with Stand

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