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Art of the Sacred

An Exhibition of 
Paintings & Sculpture
by Anne Thomas

May 11th to June 26th 2023

Cletwr Community Cafe

 Machynlleth, Wales


October 3rd to November 10th

Mulberry Bush Cafe

 Lampeter, Wales

Ocean 1 small.jpg

An exhibition of mandala paintings and ceramic sculpture, showing at two different cafe venues in West Wales over the summer and autumn of 2023.  The content of the exhibition will vary slightly from venue to venue to reflect the changing seasons.

An Earth-based spirituality is central to Anne’s art work, expressing a deeply held value of the beauty and miracle of Life: the incredible geometry and variety of forms, the vivid colours, vitality, fertility; the magic of renewal, regeneration, restoration.

The work is a visual values statement, created mindfully as an offering of beauty and as a resource for contemplative practice.

At this time of meta crisis, where the catastrophic results of sustained over-consumption, pollution and extraction are running out of control, Anne feels it is important to identify that the crises have arisen from a perilous under-valuing of the delicate balance that all beings depend upon, including ourselves.
And that to live responsibly, it is vital to establish core values such as:
What really
What do we hold as Sacred?
So we may know how best to stand in service of these things, for the  sake of generations yet to come

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