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Spring Equinox Blessings

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Here we stand, at the threshold of Vernal Equinox, leaving the darker months behind and stepping through into the light.

The seeds of last year, whether sown with care or cast incidentally, have lain quiet through winter. Some have composted away, some have quickened, to burst forth with vigour and life, when the time is right.

All our hopes, care, love and attention form the seeds of our tomorrows.

All our prayers, trust, courage and wisdom go with them, into the hands of Life, fate, the mystery of sacred elements.

Wrapped in a cloak of darkness, resting within the womb of winter, sustained by hearth fires of trust, we dreamed into the next great turning of the wheel of life.

Now, the Light of Spring draws us out - blinking newly awakened to the beauty of the land!

The distant memory of seeds sown can seem a dream half remembered, so it seems a small miracle that occurs with each new shoot, every fresh flowery face and leafy bud to open.

The news that my painting 'Spiral of Life' has been chosen as next year's Earth Pathways Diary cover image is just such a small miracle in the awakening of this year. For me it's a huge affirmation and honour for which I am very grateful.

As an artist, the hours and days spent cocooned in dreaming of visions can seem a crazy indulgence when there are bills to be paid and no guarantee that money will arise from the time spent creating. And yet the calling demands attention; the visions require manifestation, a weaving of energy outside of linear time or logical rational thought.

My art practice arises from a place of faith, where I am a vessel through which Mother Life flows. The threads of wild nature, sacred geometry and honouring of the Divine spin themselves into visual 'downloads' . And who knows where the energy of these offerings ripples ?

Like seeds to the wind they fly!

So the Song of Spring calls loudly, to shake off the doubts and torpor of winter and rise up to grow into the pattern of the growing year.

The dead wood of last year can be cleared, to reveal what has survived and is ready to rise.

The blessing of Spring Equinox is an invitation to step through the doorway into light, cleansed and renewed, with fresh energy for new projects and renewed appreciation for things already begun.

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